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    Tracking Visited Pages for Menu

    The Albino Level 1
      Working on a cms like system. When viewing the final page as a user would, there is a tab on the left hand side that is for the menu.

      When the menu is loaded, it has a 3 tier system that is displayed.
      Main title > Multiple SubTitles >Multiple Sub SubTitles

      a basic example will follow.

      The biggest issue is that there will be several thousand items in this list and we would like to put a check next to each item after a user has visited them. However loading the menu is currently slow as it has to build the proper heirarchy, and then retrace through and mark every page the user has visited. I have thought about making the menu be an xml doc that will be published when the cms site "goes live". But still tracking each page is a little time consuming. Any ideas on what the best way to handle this is?