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    Windows or OS?


      We are a company that are about to invest in 3 InDesign licenses. In that process we also have to update our computers, but we are unsure which system to use. From what I have heard InDesign works equally well in Windows and OS, but can there be any compatibility problems when changing system from one system to the other? I ask because we already have 3 employees using InDesign in the OS version - and we have to share and work in the same files that they use. If there are no compatibility problems we would prefer to use the Windows version.


      Thank you for the help! I hope this is clear - I am not to confident with all the technical terms.

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          Other than font issues if you use Mac-format fonts rather than OpenType, there should be no issues changing platform for InDesign, but that may not be the case for other vendors' software that you also use.

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            Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

            If you use OTF you will have equal versions. Don't use T1 any more as it is not supported on Windows and makes problems on the Mac too, dfont from the Mac are not supported on Windows.

            The keyboard is better on the Mac as every key has in combination with ALT and SHIFT 4 glyphs, most keys on Windows have only 2 keys and you have to access extended character by holding ALT and enter 4 digit numbers of the number keyboard.

            Windows allows in Illustrator EMF and WMF export which will work without problems, on the Mac you see problems using them.

            In the past Windows was better in compatibility with old program versions of any developer, not only Adobe, with Mac people have always had problems using old versions on new OS.

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              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

              And for what it's worth, my impression is that there are a lot more problems reported currently here on the forum related to running CC 2015 on Mac OS, (Particularly Yosemite, and I suspect it will continue with El Capitan), than there are for Widows users, though we do see some issues with users who upgrade to Windows 10 from Win7. This is largely a reflection of a difference in attitude between Apple and Microsoft concerning backward compatibility in new OS releases. Whether this will continue to be the case going forward with Windows is unknown.

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                John Mensinger Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Peter Spier wrote:


                ...than there are for Widows users...

                Awesome Freudian slip.

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                  Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                  I don't think it was Freudian, jut my usual poor typing skills and this crappy new keyboard.

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                    AndersGajhede Level 1

                    Thank you, Peter, for your valuable feedback. I had heard about the font issues and we (now at least) only use OpenType. I'm glad to hear you havn't experienced any other issues.

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                      AndersGajhede Level 1

                      And thank you, Willi. We use OpenType, so that should not be an issue. Good to know about the keyboard differences as well!

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                        Test Screen Name Most Valuable Participant

                        a small point ... The system on Macintosh computers is sometimes called Mac OS, sometimes (though this is now old fashioned) Mac OS X, even OSX, but I've never heard it called just OS before. Confusingly there is also iOS, the system in iPhones and iPads, but not the same thing.

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                          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                          So you know, I'm a Windows user, and have been using ID for production on Windows since version 2.0. I've also worked in a number of Mac-based shops. I exchange files with Mac users on a regular basis and have never had any issues other than Mac fonts. I don't use the CC versions for production here (for philosophical reasons that have to do with renting software), but I have them installed and use them for troubleshooting other people's files. I have not experienced any problems.

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                            Dov Isaacs Adobe Employee

                            On behalf of Adobe …


                            If you are using only OpenType fonts (either OpenType CFF or OpenType TrueType flavor) or even Windows-format TrueType fonts, the features, functionality, and performance of InDesign on MacOS and Windows is effectively identical. I speak from experience having used InDesign on both platforms since the beta test versions of InDesign 1.0!


                            Another issue you may need to deal with if using InDesign (or any other Adobe application) on Windows is that of dealing with legacy files created under MacOS where file suffixes were not used. For example, for a TIFF file, Windows enforces use of a suffix - in the case of TIFF files, either .TIF or .TIFF. This was not the case under MacOS even though best practices dictate use of such file suffixes. Current versions of Adobe's MacOS applications provide the file suffix by default on output, although some Mac “enthusiasts” eschew their use and remove them.


                            Similarly, you need to be careful as to what characters you use in directory and file names. If you limit yourself to ASCII alphabetic, digits, underscore and hyphen, and space characters (plus the period to begin the file suffix), you should be quite fine under all circumstances.


                            Beyond that, chose the platform, Windows or MacOS, based on whatever other criteria you have, objective or even subjective. For some users, it is almost a religious issue. But the truth is that a reliably-sourced Windows-based laptop or workstation (not the bargain basement models you might find at discount warehouses and office supply stores) is every bit as reliable and well-performing as a comparable Mac model and vice versa. Both platforms has OS bugs, vulnerabilities, arbitrary (and capricious) restrictions, and other “issues.”


                            Good luck!


                                        - Dov

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                              AndersGajhede Level 1

                              Good to hear. It is exactly the excange of files between Windows and Mac OS I was interested in. Thank you!

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                                AndersGajhede Level 1

                                Thank you, Dov. This is very useful. I am glad to hear from a representative of Adobe too. We had been open to using either platform (whichever caused the least problems) - but increasingly we lean towards the Windows version now because we use other programs (a meta data system notably) that doesn't work in Mac OS.

                                Thank you for the response. I feel I have all the information I need now.