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    My indesign crashes on launch - Related to user fonts


      Hey guys,


      I'm having a hard time here.. Yesterday I formatted my SSD and installed OS X El Capitan clean on it. This morning, I freshly installed Adobe CC and installed a few applications, including InDesign.


      However, whenever I open InDesign now, it crashes! I've spent half this morning trying to find the issue, and I partially have found it.


      Adobe InDesign crashes, and only crashes, when there are user fonts installed

      No matter the font I install, Adobe InDesign crashes on launch. When I delete all user fonts from font book.app, InDesign works like a charm.

      I just noticed that if you have InDesign open properly and then install a font it takes about 10 seconds before it crashes, suddenly.


      Well, anyone could guess a designer without custom font can't properly design. So I need a fix for this..


      Who got a clue?