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    indesign crash when placing image that span columns

    eric2013 Level 1

      After recently upgrading to the newest version of Indesign CC 2015 on two of my computers (one runs win7 and other win10), I have this strange problem: When I try to place a tiff image, ID crashes. Specifically, if I specify that the image does not span columns, the image can be placed without crash. If the paragraph style for the image is changed to span columns, ID will crash. If I first use a paragraph style that spans columns, once closing the place dialog, ID crashes immediately. I open the tiff image in PS and save it as jpeg, or PSD. Placing the new formats of images also crashes ID.


      This problem occurs to both computers. I'd appreciate any help.

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          Pelter Level 1

          If the text frame(s) after the text frame that you are working in, is too small or otherwise not free to flow the text in, it will crash when you change the paragraph style to span columns. Because you change it to span columns the text reflows and the image has to fit in a next frame. Also it is possible that the image is too big (bigger than the text frame).

          Solution maybe: put another empty page after the page that you are working in with an empty text frame which is connected to the frame you are working in and then change it to span columns. See if it works.