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    Shape layer 1 pixel edges in merge paths

    macampbell_09 Level 1

      I am animating Shape Layers, and I I am using Merge paths to have one shape hide another, Kind of like track matting, but all in one shape layer. I am using Exclude selections, however even though the shapes are duplicates the edges of the shape are still visible when the upper one cuts out the lower one. It stays visible until the layer itself ends in the timeline. I nudge the shapes  to the left and right and not matter what the edge is still visible. Is there any solution to this, that doesn't involve separating the shapes into different layers and using track matting? Is there away I can use subtract on merge paths maybe? Merge paths are most confusing shape effecter, and just when I finally though I figured it out it does not work the way I expect it.  Simple choker I think is an option but how to I suing without eating away my shape layer?