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    Interactive pdf from InDesign CS6


      I designed up an interactive application form in InDesign CS6. When my client is filling out the pdf form he is having a lot of issue. Lots of small things. Anyone else having issues?


      Page 4 of the application allows you to tick the relevant answer but when saving the PDF these answers subsequently delete but not all the time. On the form I attached page 4 answers failed to save but I hadn’t completed page 1, 2 or 3. When I did complete these pages it appears page 4 has saved fine?


      On page 6, if a joint application and when the PDF is being saved the answers for Life 2 from 3.2 down to 3.11 inclusive delete.


      On page 7, when typing in the box for condition 1 this information will also appear on bottom page 4 in free form box for 2nd life.

      I tried to upload the actual pdf, but it seems you can't upload a pdf???