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    after effect black screen when using cinema 4d 3d live data


      Hi -


      I am endeavouring to import 3d objects into ae - using the cinema 4d lite program.  I have followed the How to insert 3D objects | Adobe After Effects CC tutorials tutorial and I have successfully tracked my footage using camera tracker.  I have successfully produced an object in C4d, applied a texture and am witnessing the object in the scene which is using the tracking camera from AE. 


      I then save the file and import it into AE


      I can see the scene in the FOOTAGE window - but I cannot see it in the comp window - all I get is a black screen.


      I thought it might be the Fast preview option but this is turned off (final quality)


      I have fully followed the tute - but its just not working - is there a known bug here or...


      this is for a corporate video so I really need to find a work through