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    Print module export to JPEG quality loss?


      Dear Sirs,


      I'm waiting for a while now to be able to use the print module of Lightroom as a tool to export jpeg layouts too (just as Facebook covers or blog layouts etc), just like I can do using third party applications, like Blogstomp.


      Unfortunately, every time I check and try to make the steps to "trick" LR to do this (hacking sizes, dimensions and dpi to match my final needed size in pixels), I find that if I export the same picture through the normal export panel and the print module, the latter file has a much lower quality. It seems almost more compressed, with a much worse sharpening appearance.


      I would like to bring this issue to the developers' attention because it would be great to be able to not to leave LR even to create simple layouts to use on the web with the same visual quality of the other exporting options.


      We're missing a great potential of the print module, imho.


      Thank you,