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    How do I add a color profile to Elements?


      How do I add a color profile to elements?

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          What is your program? Photoshop Elements or Premiere Elements? From the nature of your question, I suspect that you are working with Photoshop Elements. In that case, please re-post your thread in the Adobe Photoshop Elements Forum.

          Photoshop Elements


          When there please give complete details, such as version of program and computer operating system involved as well as what color profile you want to add rather than use RGB.


          Some thoughts to explore....if Photoshop Elements 14 Editor Windows...

          Image Menu

          Mode, with choices Bitmap, Grayscale, RBG Color


          Convert Color Profile with Remove Profile, Convert to sRGB Profile, Convert to Adobe RGB Profile.


          Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements do not support the CYMK color profile for an import into its Editor.

          You can see no way to add a color profile in Premiere Elements (video editor).