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    Strange Sign button bug


      I have a user that is trying to digitally sign a PDF with Adobe Standard X. He has his signature created and has been using this for some time. Except recently. He goes through the motions of signing the document and when he clicks "Sign" nothing happens. The window stays open and nothing happens. Clicking it a 1000 times doesn't do anything. I even repaired the installation thinking maybe that might help. Same deal. He tried it on several documents and it still does this. The signature is still valid as it is only 11 months old.

      The only thing I noticed is that his 450GB hard drive has about 1.2GB of free space. I'm waiting on him to clear out some space but I wonder if there just isn't enough free space to do much. It took almost ten minutes to reboot his laptop with an i7 and 24GB of RAM.


      PDF issue.PNG

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          Rave Adobe Employee

          Hi Paul,


          I agree clearing the space might help. Does this happen with any particular pdf or any pdf you try to sign?

          Do you face the same issue wit Reader as well?




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            IsakTen Level 4

            Which product (Acrobat/Reader), version (including minor), platform (Win/Mac),, OS and its version?

            I saw posts that Acrobat X had a similar bug on Windows 7 or 8 when the signing certificate was in the Windows Certificate Store. It was reported that adding the same certificate to Acrobat's Digital IDs fixed the problem.