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    ADE is froze loading the library after a bad attempt to upgrade.


      The last time I tried to open ADE 4.0 it wanted to upgrade to 4.5 so I clicked the appropriate buttons to do so.  Somewhere in the progress of migrating my library and loading the library things went fubar.  I had issues uninstalling both 4.0 and 4.5.  I had to force stop the SplashWindow for loading the library in order to do so.  I've gone through multiple restarts of my computer to finally do a restore to hopefully get 4.0 back in an operational state.  The application launched asking if I wanted to upgrade.  I decided to forgo that for the time being just to see if I could get the application to launch.  It's stuck in the SplashWindow loading the library and has been for hours.  I just uninstalled it once again.  I need a functioning install as I can't access my library, I can't open books from the library and other sources that I use ADE with.  Please assist ASAP.