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    Updates not working

    Bill White Level 1
      I'm using FDS with a Java assembler running inside a Tomcat 5.5 server. Everything works fine so far. I use a fill to get my list of objects and I can update those objects just fine when I display them in a datagrid and edit them in the cells. However, when I display the same data bound inside individual textinput fields, the updates to not 'save'.

      For example, when I use a datagrid, edits to a cell result in a call to UpdateItem on the assembler. However, when I replace the datagrid with a master/detail list/form combination where clicking a list item sets the selected object and makes it editable with the textinputs, the UpdateItem is never called. Do I need to 'commit' the changes from the fields or send an event? It appears the datagrid is handling this on its own but maybe I need to do something manually when I use a text input field. Any ideas?
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          Bill White Level 1
          Nevermind, my mistake. I was thinking that the binding of the textinput field to the data from FDS by the {} binding mechanism would work in both directions. I tried manually setting the modified values from the text fields back to the data object being edited and it works fine.