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    Best rendering setup you guys use? options and opinions and greatly welcome.

    picenilllo Level 1

      windows 7

      hp z620 dual

      32 gb

      quatro k4000


      Ok, I know this question is been around many many times and places, but I'm still not happy with my final render quality.


      Please have a minute to review a couple of rendered videos at splainers.com and let me know about the quality of them in terms of colors and sharpness, (I think they look descent but I've seen other animation videos on vimeo and they look way sharper and nice looking)


      So I usually deliver 1920 x 1080 h.264 MP4 videos to the clients and these are the same ones I upload to vimeo.


      I work mostly on AE creating animated comp scenes and edit them as well making a final main comp with a 1920 x 1080 comp at 30fps square pixels all the time.

      Most of my art assets are created in AI and Ps at 1920 x 1080 as well. All my art assets look nice and sharp and all of them are scale big enough... is usually in AE when I scale them down and never the opposite, but all my final renders seem to loose quality and gain a bit of blurriness.


      So if you guys are familiar with these work environment settings, what are your render setting on media encoder? Do you use another rendering software?


      again mine is usually:






      square pixels




      vpr, 1pass

      target bitrate 25

      max bitrate  50

      render at max depth

      use max render quality.


      estimated file size at 255mb for a 1 minute 30 sec video.


      On another note every time I upload to vimeo it tells me :   ----->>


      Does your video look/sound strange?

      Here are some recommendations:

      • This video’s bit rate is only 4046 kbit/s, which is lower than what we recommend for H.264 video. Your video might not look as nice as it should. For 1920x1080 video, we recommend a data rate of at least 10000 kbit/s.





      How do I make my 1920x1080 render with at least 10000 kbit/s?????


      I know I don't necessarily need to move my target bitrate and max bitrate to the highest level, but whats is the trick? How do I calculate it?


      Anyway, hopefully this makes sense to someone who relates...


      Thanks and cheers!