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    Moving Lightroom folders on Computer

    carlr64784228 Level 1

      Firstly i would really like to thank all the people who replied to my first post the other day, It was very, very helpful. I have a question that will sound absolutely dumb and stupid considering i've been using a pc for work for over 20 years.


      Question: I have a split drive computer. The SD drive is used for storing and running software and my 2TB hard drive is for file storage and access to working and saved files. I want to move all of my images, and Lightroom folder with catalogues from my computers SD drive (used for running the programs) to my computers internal 2TB storage drive. If i copy them over then delete the original folder from the SD drive obviously i will still have my images, but will Lightroom retain and recognise the path to the new folder location?


      As is said i know it sounds dumb but I've just got the jitters with the new computer.


      Cheers Carl

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          Mrinmay Majhi Adobe Employee

          Hi Carl,


          Lightroom won't be able to recognize the new folder location on its own

          You may go ahead and update the new folder location.


          Please follow the below steps to update the folder location.


          > Launch Lightroom and click on Library module

          > Control -click (Mac) | Right Mouse -click (Win) on the Folder in the left hand side

          > Choose Update Folder Location.

          > Navigate to the folder/images in the new location

          This will enable Lightroom to keep track of the set of folders/images.

          Hope this helps.


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            Randy Hufford Adobe Community Professional

            Hi Carl


            Yes your solution by copying the Lightroom catalog and the original files to new location is correct. But I would not delete any files until you have copied them over. Than after copying them over, open Lightroom from the new location. Than after opening Lightroom from new location you will see that Lightroom will have a question about you original file location with a question mark. Just right click on the folder that has a question mark on it and navigate to the location of the original files that you copied over. Does this make sense?

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              carlr64784228 Level 1

              Yes brilliant and easy. Thanks for your help.




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