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    How do I erase authorization?


      I am using Adobe Digital Editions (Version 4.5.126523) on my PC (Windows 7) to download ebooks from my library to my device (Nook, Model BNRV350, Software version 1.1.5). The ADE does not allow me to open a book that I have downloaded from Library on the Go, it opens a pop-up menu that says, “Error! Check Activation”. I presume this means that the authorization in ADE is not correct (it’s an old authorization generated automatically by 3M Cloud), although the authorization for my computer appears to be the same as the authorization for my device. I attempted to erase the authorization, a process that requires the Vendor Login ID and Password; I used my Adobe ID login and password for this, but the password was said by ADE to be incorrect. I have exhausted any help from my library. I reset my Adobe ID password about 7 hours ago but still cannot erase my authorization. What should I do?