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    Lightroom stops responding as soon as the splash screen loads

    oliverjohnhind Level 1

      My issue is Lightroom stops responding (blue circle) as soon as the splash screen loads on my Windows Surfacepro3 running Windows 10.


      I am a new user of Lightroom, it worked after first installing it on Windows 8.1, went through some initial indexing or such, but I exited from Lightroom before it finished what it was doing - matching faces or something like that - to do other work.

      Then I upgraded to Windows 10, and now it wont start.


      As first I thought it was lacking disk space, so I freed up 40Gb.  but not resolved.

      I looked for solutions using "Lightroom not responding Windows 10" but none of the items I found helped.


      Can anyone advise what I should do?  thanks.