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    Flex2 and SEO help

      I'm rather new to Flex2 and I had a general question about search engine words like what you'd find within the meta tags of a static HTML page. Seeing is it that the output is a giant .swf file for clients, how does one address the issue of their site being available for search engines, or is it even possible?

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          First I want to say Shame on you Adobe for not addressing this subject outright.
          I am a java gone flash some 5 years ago and now am making the switch to flex/flash.
          What I say now is only what data I have been able to collect the past two weeks on this subject and should only be used as a reference.
          If you build an entire website out of flash a search engine cannot crawl a .swf file. Are there ways around it, yes there are.
          but the time and effort is tremendous for a small team or one person.
          Flex does answer the back button issue with historyManager class. but to fully exploit it you need to program a bit more depending on how complicated a site you build.
          From what I gather you are building a site entirley in flash which is OK but you need to grow beyond this to whats known as a MVC architecture which basically means separate out your content from your view and store it either in flat files or in a database.

          This opens up the opportunity to point the search engines to this data.
          see http://www.onflex.org/ted/2007/08/flex-directory-seo-and-flex.php

          This is a complicated subject and one not taken on lightly.

          Is it possible, absolutely. However you need to think before you build. separate out your content. point the incoming requests to what there looking for...read and understand the mvc architecture. If you have worked in flex you already know that in the eclipse environment you are producing mxml documents.
          perhaps these will be indexable as well??
          im still working on the problem myself and am curious where this goes.

          Hope this helps