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    Message "File is missing or offline", cannot find all missing files and cannot import them again!


      I just opened Lightroom and saw something for the first time. My latest 2 imports (about 1,000) photos are all shown in Lightroom with the message "The file named.... is offline or missing". I also noticed that in the Finder I don't see any folders corresponding to those import dates. I tried to import the files again (I am fortunate to save one of the memory cards), and it doesn't let me import those specific pictures saying they have been imported already. Yet, I cannot fine them anywhere. On top of this problem (and I am sure they are somehow related), I just put in the memory card with brand new images to be imported to Lightroom and it darkened about 1/3 of them saying they have been imported already. I have never ever seen anything like this. I am using Lightroom 4. Please, help is urgently needed here because I am starting to panic! Thanks.