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    Adobe Digital Editions does not recognize samsung galaxy s tablet


      Adobe Digital Editions version 4.5 does not recognize Samsung Galaxy S Tablet. Neither has any previous version.

      I have the same Adobe ID on computer, now running Windows 10, as on Tablet.

      I have connected Tablet to computer before opening ADE, as instructed.

      Windows Explorer recognizes Tablet but this doesn't allow me to open book on Tablet.

      When attempting to open book error message is "This document has features that are not supported in this version of Adobe Acrobat". I have downloaded the latest version of the Acrobat Reader.

      The list of supported devices certainly makes you believe that Samsung Android devices are supported by ADE - as indeed they should be.

      This problem has been raised before, more than once, but none of the proposed solutions have worked for me.

      All practical ideas welcome.