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    RAW files seam to be replaced by jpg with a different file name but the same time, can anybody please identify what has happened?




      I'm is a spot of bother something has happened and I don't want it to happen again, any help is appreciated.


      A bride has come back to me asking for a shot she said I took, I have no recollection and checked images, could not see it, checked the file names and there is no break in numbers, lost images and the file names all run consecutively. (I never delete images while on shoot)


      The bride swears I took this photo, looking at the sequence of images, there is a two min gap between, so thinking perhaps I used my second body, that shoots in jpg but used different file names I sorted the files in date created format.


      I found that in the gap where this image was supposed to be there was two images of a part of the night that was about 6 minutes later, I check my camera and my second body was indeed 6 min out of time with the other.


      The images in the gap had different file names and also a duplicate for example please see picture.


      What has happened??


      Is it possible for Lightroom to overwrite jpg files as I upload over RAW with same times?  I have check all of the memory cards no chance or recovery.


      OR... I moved the files from my desk top to another hard drive to free up space and re-linked, could I have re-linked wrong? and is there a way to check if I have done that? would Lightroom overwrite the original file.


      It doesn't make sense, because why would the RAW image run consecutively, if some where missing? Even if the two cameras have different times the images would be just be 6 minutes further. Is there a simple explanation other than the bride is mistaken?



      Screen Shot 2015-10-03 at 21.45.20.png