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    Security issue on Creative Cloud website?

    Matthew Gismondi

      This is the source from the Recent tab of my Libraries on the Creative Cloud site (Adobe Creative Cloud) I've got valid certificates and was logged in with a lock icon in my browser but the code for the page has required inclusions with names like omgbuildwtfbbq and bwahahaha. Please tell me Adobe is more professional than that.

      Can anyone verify this code is legit? I don't want to jump to any conclusions. (Forgive the photo. Safari was not allowing me to view the source and I had to get a little creative in viewing it. I do have the full source though if that helps.)




      I'm suspicious because on my Recent Libraries page, in the preview for one of my files, the S in Scissortail, which should be Scriptina Pro like everything else, is replaced with a half eaten Apple logo. It's only like that in the file preview. The file itself is fine when you open it.