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    Edge Animate: An error occurred. Please save your work and restart Edge Animate.

    Kyle_KIM Level 1

      I am using Edge Animate CC 2015.0 Release on Mac and encounter this error everytime.

      you hear me? EVERY SINGLE TIME.


      So, When it happens?

      I know the answer bacuse it happens immediately and EVERY TIME I do a little thing.


      Let's say you are compositing animation that has many images, photo, logo whatsoever, which are imported into Library - Images.

      and suddenly you need to  get rid of any of them, which is not going to be used in your composition anymore-- I do it a lot

      What would you do?

      deleting an image from Stage would be fine if that were all you need.

      The image still lives inside Library and resouce folder.

      you definitely do not want it occupying HDD space.

      So you want it to really disappear.

      Unfortunately, Edge does not give you an option for that.

      You probably tried to select the image in the Library  and hit the Delete key.

      Nothing happens.

      Only thing you can do, is going to the actual folder where the image is--by 'Show in Finder'

      and delete it yourself and back to Edge Animate, Edge probably ask you if you want to update changes

      Hit  'Yes' then back to work....

      Wait for it!

      there is the error mesage popped up!

      No? if you don't see it at this point, you should quit Edge  and open the file again right away because you will get it anyway later on.

      Then I bet you will see it.


      It seems you can ignore the error message by click 'ok'

      Maybe you work on fine or get in trubble with lagging depening on the file size.

      In any case, when you quit it and reopen the project file. you get the error message again and again.

      Even if you constantly ignore it. your composition seems fine.


      the real problem is... you don't see any image file inside Library, although you see them on the stage.

      Re-importing them looks fine. but it occurs over and over when you reopen your project.

      and you cannot put new one on the Stage. importing a new image makes the library empty again.


      and time to time you meet things that you cannot interact with.

      For example, 'show in finder' does not take you to the folder anymore,

      or you cannot click buttons on the alert  that appears when you quit without saving--that means CRASH.


      and you finally stop what you were doing.

      and start over?


      How about audio and video file or JS scripts?

      I don't know. My work couldn't reach to that point.


      But I know the workaround.

      actually it is not the workaround though.

      Save your project with "Save as..." to another folder. and open the newly saved file.

      if you don't get the error mesage you will be fine.

      Just chuck the project with the error in the bin


      I hope this will be fixed soon.