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    Raw file import does not work any more - camera Olympus EM10 LR 6.1.1 Win 7




      I updated recently to LR 6.1.1 (no adobe cloud, stand alone) and have been initially succesful in importing raw file from the camera (.ORF). Yesterday a LR window popped (I do not remember what exactly it said) up which I could not close with a across in the right upper corner, so I pressed proceed to find out that my LR is now a mobile test version which is valid for the next 29 days. That wouldn#T bother me too much if importing would still work. I am not sure whether this the 'mobility' is the cause for the issues. I wouldn't bother the forum with that if I could chat or phone with the helpdesk, but unfortunately the opening hours are during my work time and they do not offer e-mail service.


      Hopefully I explained my 'issue' clearly enough that it can be understood, I am looking forward to responses.


      Thanks Frank (from Germany)