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      I am designing my friends wedding invitation in InDesign. I should just test-print it on my canon pixma. So, I need it to be double-sided and that I know how to do. But now I also needed the margins to disappear… I picked A4 margin free with did result in the margins to disappear. BUT when I picked that installation - the double sided print does not work, the 2 pages comes out on different papers. Why is that? It seems like I cannot combine these 2 options?  


      HELP PLEASE?!?!

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          That's a problem with a desktop printer -- borderless and duplex are mutually exclusive. Print one side borderless, then reinsert the paper in the printer and print the other side.


          Who is doing the final output? Is bleed really going to work on their equipment?

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            erikanord123 Level 1

            Yeah, I noticed that… really irritating.  
            I´m doing all of the work and the final output. It's just a home-project and she wants the "home-made" feeling, but of course still classy. I thought I could just print the card as usual with the extra borderless-option. I'm doing a gate-fold to this card and therefore wanted the borders to disappear..


            Thank you for the tips! I will try that instead. I'll just create 2 different documents with one side each and print them seperately but on the same papers that I reinsert in the printer  

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              Derek Cross Adobe Community Professional

              I assume you're printing from a PDF rather than from InDesign. If not try using the PDF presets: File > Adobe Acrobat Presets, then select [High Quality Print]