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    Problem downloading BPP ebooks - server error

    gaurav vaidya

      When I purchase ebook from BPP, I get an email which has the link to following website : www.ebookdropships.com


      From this site, .acsm file is downloaded, from which the ebook gets downloaded in ADE.


      I am getting the error "License server communication problem" for ebook from BPP for CIMA course. Till now I have purchased many ebooks from BPP, but never faced this problem earlier.


      I am having Win 8 installed, and tried to download the ebook in ADE 4. I have not made any changes to my computer system recently.


      Any technical persons from Adobe, Please help on urgent basis, as to how I should download the ebook.



      Mr Gaurav Vaidya ACCA

      (from Pune India)

      email: gauravbombay@gmail.com