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    Trying to Revive Premiere Elements


      Trying to revive Premiere Elements 10. It's been dormant for a while and the original registered owner, my daughter, is off to school and doesn't remember her login. Now I want to use the programs and I can't get Premiere up and running. Tried the trial, but it was 14, tried re-downloading 10... it went in OK but gives me no opportunity to activate it. Chat help was a HUGE waste of time. Chat says that this problem can only be handled in the forums. Are they right or did they just give up?

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            You will get no where without the correct Premiere Elements 10 serial number. Your daughter's log in (Adobe ID and password) are not the key factors here.

            In Premiere Elements 10 and earlier, there is no Sign In once the program is installed activated. And, if you get any photoshop.com messages suggesting otherwise, you ignore/cancel out of them. Although the photoshop.com message persists, photoshop.com is long since discontinued.


            What is the computer involved? What is the video card/graphics card that is used by the computer on which you want to use Premiere Elements 10. If NVIDIA GeForce, that is not good news for Premiere Elements 10...especially if the driver version is up to date and not May 2013.


            Online Adobe Chat typically does not support versions earlier than the latest version - latest version is 14 (just released). Did you purchase Premiere Elements 10 as a download from Adobe?


            Let us know what you have in the way of serial number, Adobe ID and password, and then we can determine if you have enough information to run Premiere Elements 10.






            Add On....This is essentially a user to user public forum...please do not post any private information, including actual order numbers, serial numbers, Adobe ID and password.

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              Thanks so much for your help. Adobe chat had me convinced that the original login was the problem.

              I did a search and uninstalled every instance of Premiere, as well as deleted many orphaned files that looked related.

              Re-downloaded from the website (yes, it was a download) and it installed in the usual fashion.

              All seems to be well now, and I'm off to learn Premiere!

              Thanks again for your help.

              The forums are, and always will be, an indispensable resource!



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                Wonderful news. Thanks for letting us know the outcome. You did a great job of sorting through the details to gain your success.


                Great contribution to show to others not to give up and to continue to seek answers.


                Please never hesitate to ask questions and ask for clarification on your Premiere Elements workflows.


                Best wishes with your video projects.