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    Continuously rasterize without collapsing transformations

    ChristianAaltonen Level 1

      Hi there,


      I would like to ask you — the masters — for help:


      My Final View composition is 1920 × 1080 px. I have camera inside it as well as the Main Scene composition. The Main Scene is 1920 × 3000 px. There are 3D animations in the Main Scene. I want camera of the Final View composition to fly from bottom to top, while elements in Main Scene are animating. The only problem is, that I have to use Collapse Transformations because of the blurry rendered vector elements inside. As I do it, all the animations broke — obviously. I found only and very tiresome solution: Enclose every vector element to its own composition with collapsed transformations. So I have nicely rendered vectors in final composition and properly positioned elements in one time. But I strongly feel it as not professional. I preffered to set the Main scene 3000 px high, so I can see every element in one time. (If I would build 1920 × 1080 scene, 2/3 of the elements would be hidden up or down all the time and working on it would be incredibly inconvenient.)


      Do you know about any other approach when you have such high portrait-format scene (3000 px) and want camera of smaller landscape format (1920 px) to operate in it?




      Apples and oranges — collapse transformatinons and continuously rasterize — in my opinion.


      Thank you in advance!