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    Using Lightroom on iMac and laptop - where do I store my master files?


      I am converting over to using Lightroom to edit and manage all of my photos (previously using iPhoto and then Photos). I currently have my photos stored on my iMac and would like to be able to access them and manage/edit them from my laptop as well. However, I don't have enough space on my laptop for all of those photos and I would rather not have to use an external hard drive to plug in and out of my iMac and laptop each time I want to edit my photos.


      Is there a way to have my photos stored in one location (currently my iMac) and then access them from my laptop to organize/edit them without having to take up space on my laptop? I will need to spend quite some time going back 10 years to make folders and subfolders and want to be able to do some of this work from my laptop and have it sync to the iMac. Does Creative Cloud do this for me?