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    Questions of a beginner

    jean marcs99816756

      1. What is the interest of opening a project, compared with working directly on files?

      2. I have Premiere Elements 14. ELive doesn't show up in the tool bar. Why?

      3. I'm already using Lightroom to organize my pictures. Is it interesting to use Elements organizer (and why), for my videos, our both videos and pictures? My sense is that Lightroom is more interesting as general tool, but for videos, Elements Organizer provides functions which are not available in Lightroom (like changing the date of a file), but once changes have been made it seems to me that Ligntroom is better as organizer. What do you advise?


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          A.T. Romano Level 7

          jean marcs


          If you want to edit or otherwise enhance a file on your computer hard drive, you need to import it into your video editor, in this case, Premiere Elements 14.

          Could you give me a specific example of what you mean?


          Premiere Elements 13/13.1 eLive was not available to users in certain parts of the world. It looks like Adobe has kept the same policy for Premiere Elements 14.


          Elements Organizer versus Lightroom is best made in the Adobe Photoshop Elements Forum where you might expect to find first hand pros and cons.

          There are numerous online articles on the subject. Example of earlier Photoshop Elements thread of this type of question with experts like MichelBParis and Barbara Brundage responding

          Re: Difference between lightroom and elements

          One online article opinion

          Photoshop Elements Vs Lightroom: Making the right choice!


          Please review, consider, and then let us know if we have targeted your questions.


          Thank you.



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            jean marcs99816756 Level 1

            Dear ATR,


            Thanks again for your advices.
            The links you sent confirm my preference for Ligntroom (for my needs).

            Concerning the first question, of course I am now editing my videos with Premiere Elements 14. But I don't really understand the interest of a project.

            Once you've opened Premiere Elements, you can either create a project and load videos into this project, or load directly videos in Premiere Elements and edit them without creating a project. So my question: what is the interest of using a project?

            My understanding is that a project could be of some interest if you want to combine different files (different videos or videos and pictures), or if you work on a video which is long and if you think you'll need to work on it discontinuously. My understanding is that your editing work is saved in the project without changing the sources. This is indeed useful in some cases.

            Am I right, and are there other advantages using a project?


            In the meantime I have another question concerning the colors.

            I am using Photoshop CS for the pictures. In Photoshop you can adjust the colors with several tools, one of them is this window:

            This allows a good control of the result.

            In Premiere Elements, I didn't find such a tool. What I found is the following:

            The icones are useless because they change dramatically the colors. The color (teinte in French, first line) is very difficult to adjust . Isn't there a tool where you can say: more yellow, or more red, more blue, a place where you can indicate which color you want to change? For example, I shot last week a video with beautiful fall colors. It was in a wood, and the video is too green compared to the real colors. I'd like to add more yellow and more red. How can I do it?


            Thanks for your help.



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              A.T. Romano Level 7

              jean marcs


              Thanks for the reply.


              You ask "Why the project?" You cannot edit your video without taking it into one of the program's projects. That is where the tools are for editing.

              And, these projects do not self delete once you have edited and exported the imported video. They remain for further edits or for a different type of movie export  from the same project. Once you import your video in a project there is no way out for the video except by export into one of the share formats. There is no just in out for the video - whether someone wants to edit onevideo or integrate many videos into one export movie. Export is the way out for your Timeline content of imports.


              In the Adjust Tab/Adjustments Palette/Color Panel expanded, do you go beyond clicking on the thumbnails, and do you click the More button there to open to the area where there are sliders for Hue, Lightness, Saturation, and Vibrance?


              Also have you explored the Expert workspace fx Effects (See Expert workspace fx Effects Tab/Video/Adjust/and the Channel Mixer choice as well as fx Effects Tab/Video/Color Correction/and the choices for HSL Tuner, Split Tone, Tree Way Color Corrector. You drag one of these effects into your clip and then edit the effect under Applied Effects Tab/Applied Effects Palette/the expanded panel for the effect that you have applied.


              Please consider, and then let us know if any of those effects worked for you.





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                jean marcs99816756 Level 1



                Thank you for your swift answer.

                Concerning the project, in fact I didn't see that Permiere Elements opens automatically a project, even when I open directly a file. I save my file with the export function, so I didn't see that a project had been opened.

                Concerning the colors, thank you: yes, in the expert mode, I have found all what I need.


                Thanks again.