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    How to add a Click Tag in Edge?




      I have tried following all the threads regarding this issue but I have absolutely no HTML skills at all so I can not make sense of any of the answers. Is there any way someone could give me a real dumbed down step-by-step answer? ...or direct me to a "how-to" video. (I have not been able to find one.)


      Here is what I have been able to accomplish so far...

      1. I created a layer with a div called Clicktag. It is basically just a rectangle set to 0% opacity that has the following click script:

      function(sym, e)

      window.open(clickTag, "_blank");


      Beyond that I just get lost because I do not know any (I mean any) html and the answers seem dependent on users having at least some limited knowledge

      Screen Shot 2015-10-04 at 11.38.34 AM.png


      Thank You for any help in advance!