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    getURL fails silently in browser


      I have a very simple Flash app that is basically just a set of links for a company home page. I've used getURL to direct the users to a number of web sites (e.g. Google, a train timetable website, a telephone directory website - and so on). It works fine when I run the swf directly on my test PC. However, when I run the html file (produced by the Flash Publish function), rather than the swf file, the app works but nothing happens wjhen I click on the links. It is as if getURL was being ignored.

      I have tried this using swf files saved in Flash 8 or Flash 7 versions, and in IE 6 and 7 browsers.
      Can anybody help. The purpose of the app is to provide the users with links, but as none of the links work it is pretty useless.