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    corner pin tracking


      I am trying to use corner pin tracking to replace an image on a billboard but when the billboard leaves the screen the tracking point dont follow. Help me please.

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You have three options.


          The first is to track as far as you can then make adjustments to the corners that go off screen then make adjustments to the corners that loose there way. Often it is easiest to copy the last good tracker keyframes, delete the bad ones then paste the last good ones in the last frame and adjust them manually. You then apply the corner pin effect.


          The second option is to just apply the corner pin and delete the bad key frames. Again, especially if the motion is constant, adjust the corner position on the last good frame.


          Both of these require a bit of tweaking by hand.


          The last option would be to do Corner Pin tracking in Mocha. Mocha handles this kind of tracking job with less hand tweaking.

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            ScottishSnell Level 1

            Thank you so very much Rick