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    Photo and logo are missed - Pn10

    Yarik V. Level 1

      Hi, please help - I have created simple online presentation using Presenter 10, Win 10, office 365, wich includes audio naration. After publishing (SWF) content plays well, but embeded photo and logo in TOC are missed. I dont know, why. I tried republish, restart, etc, but nothink happens. What you think about it?


      Next week I will upgrade to Presenter 11, but I can not see the Collaboration tab in new version - is this functionality dropped? If so, is the solution, how to use new version Pn11 both with Pn 10 colaboration? How can I do it?


      Thanks for any response.



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          Yarik V. Level 1

          Is there somebody from Presenter Team???

          Where is Collaboration tab in Pn 11???

          Can somebody explain, how can I use it in Pn 11???

          I think about upgrade - no interesting???


          No one word about it in help, no one word about it in presenter product page, no on answer from chat, no one answer here, this is sure horrible horrible customer support. Horrible.

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            zeeshan hussain Adobe Employee

            Hi Yarik,


            Sorry for the delayed response.

            Request you to please confirm if this issue is occurring with a specific presentation or all of your presentations?

            Also it would be great if you could share the packaged presentation and send it to my id zhussain@adobe.com in order to debug it further.

            Package Option is present right next to Publish Option in the Presentation section.