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    bizzare refrenceing:

    jonnybennett Level 1
      Okay I have a function...

      function selectionMade(){

      1/ When the funciton is executed if the selcetedText.text=='preview' then the function _parent._parent.attachPrePictures(); should be executed, however it does not. However if you convert this '_parent._parent.attachPrePictures()' function to an onRelease function and place an instance of it on the stage, then the function will exectue using.... _parent._parent.attachPrePictures.onRelease();
      why is this?

      2/ When the function is executed if the selcetedText.text=='exit' then the m.c. editPictures is removed. However it is only removed if I reference it as......
      .... why does......
      ......not work.

      Please could someone explain these to me, many thanks Jonnie.