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    panel with an html <select> form gets cropped off

    te_co Level 3



      i'm wanna have a <select> form to choose from a long list of options, but my list gets cut off at the bottom edge of my panel. in a browser the list floats out of the browser window and if it doesn't fit in the screen, then it becomes scrollable. But in Illustrator it just ends at the edge of the panel.


      i have made this script with a js panel and it works as expected. however i'm trying to make it into an extension and i can't get past this little issue.


      i know i can do a scrolling list box but that takes up more real state and it's not ideal. it's harder to find your selection and harder to scroll. i really want to have a select form.


      anyway, if anyone has any ideas on a workaround that would be appreciated. thank you


      i'm on cc 2015 on mac.