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      • 1. Re: how to i get the text to go over my video because mine is showing up underneath
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        What version of Premiere Elements and what computer operating system?


        If you are working with Premiere Elements 11, 12, 13/13.1, 14, Expert workspace, what you describe in not possible if


        you have your video on Video Track 1 and your text title created in the Titler on Video Track 2 directly above. But, if this is what you see then we need to find an explanation. But, we need more details. Consider.....


        There is one unlikely but possible scenario....

        Text Menu/New Text/Default Text....

        a. You open the Titler, you create your text, and want to add an Image to the text title that you are creating.

        b. With the Titler opened, Text Menu/Image/Add Image

        c. The image will appear on top of you text...you will not see the text.

        d. Text Menu/Arrange/Send to Back


        Or, you might be in a situation where you need re-positioning of the title...lots of possibilities but not enough details.


        Please consider, supply details in writing or in writing with screenshot.