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    photos out of sequence in LR 6. I'm thinking the reason is b/c I forgot to program date/time in new camera. Help!


      This has never happened with my previous camera and previous version of LR.  I recently upgraded my camera, as well as LR (from PC version 2 to PC version 6).  I just took over a thousand photos at a wedding and once they import into LR they are way out of sequence. I've tried arranging by sort order/capture time, etc but no success.  It wasn't until I looked at the right column in Library mode that I noticed the photos all say same date & time (year 2000, time 12 pm).  I then realized I had forgotten to program my camera's date & time when I had purchased. it.  This is the only thing I can come up with.  And I'm really hoping there's a way to fix.  Editing will be a TOTAL nightmare if not.   Please, someone help.  Thanks sooo much in advance...