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    Importing into Lightroom problems


      I am having trouble with light room CC. I can't seem to be able to import any files. I shoot with Nikon camera (D5200) and when I go to import my files I get two different screens. The first is all gray with boxes designating my files (dsc-xxxx.nef.) I tell it to import and that is what I get. Up at the very top it says "Copy as DNG" I go to the import button on the lower RIGHT and select that... I get anther screen which comes up with a white box in the middle that reads...Import Results - some import operations were not performed... The files are not recognized by the raw format support in light-room. Then it lists ALL the NEF files that I tried to import.  This has been going on ever since I installed LRcc on my system, basically forcing me to continue to process all my images in PSE 10 as Jpegs. I need help!