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    Web Safe Colours

      Firstly this is simply brilliant. I love the export to swatch function.

      One enhancement I would ask for is the ability to limit colours to the web safe and web smart palettes.
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          Do people still use "websafe" colors?
          I thought those went out with 8 bit display cards back in the 90s.
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            str3ss Level 1
            Having a snap to websmart, or websmart only mode would be a tremendous addition.
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              Again: why? The idea of using "websafe" indexed colors went out years ago.
              The only reason for it now would be to work with people using 10 year old machines.
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                dagarrat Level 1
                Um, there are still plenty of us designing websites that we want to work on older machines because there are still plenty of us with older machines and monitors. And that's okay. The option to constrain a color/theme to the websafe palette would be really useful to a lot of people. Adobe knows that - hence the websafe support found throughout the Creative Suite 2 line of products.

                Unless, Chris, you know something we don't know ...
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                  I have to agree with the others making the request. There are plenty of companies out there who have online brand standards that are tied to web safe palettes due to the limitations of older displays. I'm sure that nobody in those companies is viewing sites in 8bit color, but the brand guidelines were developed 8-10 years ago when it was still an issue. I'm still using websafe color, not on a daily basis, but very often. The trouble with standards is that they don't conveniently die when they're no longer needed. :)
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                    Shape_Shed Level 1
                    Agreed they are not as important as they once were.

                    I did an experiment a while back to test the argument that web safe colours are irrelevant and I would agree that for monitors they are largely irrelevant.


                    *But* a large proportion of mobile devices still use 256 colours. As such designing for hand-held devices still needs to take account of web safe, or at very least web smart colours if you want to avoid dithering.

                    There is a psd file available on the link if you want to repeat my experiment.

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                      OK, those are good reasons - thanks for answering my question.