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    Collision as trigger

      hey, i'm making a simple game, where a car has to navigate through a series of cones. its 3d and i've set up collisions. i have a bit of lingo that uses a collision as a trigger...

      member("Track").registerForEvent(#collideWith, #playCrash, me, pCollisionBox)

      this then links to

      on playCrash me

      go to frame "CrashMarker"


      It plays the beep, so the trigger works, but it doesn't go to the marker specified.

      any ideas why, any help appreciated


      adam daly

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          duckets Level 1
          as James Newton replied to the same question on the DOUG forum:

          " 'go' commands are disabled in the collision callback handlers. This is because the collision callback is triggered just before or just after #prepareFrame, and going to a different frame would trigger the callback again. "

          Just added for the archives here!