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    Decompiled project contains tables. How to remove these?

    exteritylaura Level 1

      Hi all


      We are using RH11 on Windows 8.


      We were given a CHM file that had been compiled using Doctor Explain software.

      We used Robohelp HTML help studio to decompile it into its component parts.

      It seems to have been pretty successful, in that we do have a project we can work with, but all the topics contain a multitude of tables, as you can see in the screenshot.




      We have used RH a lot in the past but not for a few years and are very rusty. We have tried applying new stylesheets and master pages but still the tables remain.


      Has anyone seen this before? Do you know how to rid the topics of all the tables?


      We have looked at RoboWizard and Reverse Engineering but we don't see tables mentioned. We've tried both the HTML Studio and Keytools methods suggested in the Reverse Engineering

      page but to no avail. I can't get "The Man's Way" to work :-)


      Can anyone help please?




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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hi Laura


          Can you share that topic with me? Just save it as a TXT file and email it to rickstone1975 (at) gmail (dot) com.


          I could then pop it into a project and see the source code and from there I could provide better advice.


          Cheers... Rick

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            Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Hello again Laura


            I have taken a look at the file you sent me and I do see that it's riddled with table code. But it leaves me scratching my head a bit. Here's why.


            If you have a CHM file, there is really only one browser you have to be concerned with. Microsoft Internet Explorer. That's because bits of IE are used as the presentation mechanism for the CHM viewer.


            What's puzzling is that I'm seeing references in the page that would imply the page is really intended for something like RoboHelp's WebHelp. Where it seems to be checking for different browsers, touch screens and other things. Code that really shouldn't be needed if this page were simply part of a CHM file.


            So my thoughts are that it's possible this is simply the way that the Dr. Explain software works. Or, somehow whoever created the CHM file created it using output files as the source. (hey, it happens more often than one would think)


            I don't suppose you have access to the true source content?


            Cheers... Rick