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    InDesign freezes in Windows 10?

    Hasse.Hellstrom Level 1

      After upgrading to Windows 10 from Windows 8.1 InDesign started to freeze after drawing a rectangel or circel. Impossible to choose color, move or do anything at all in InDesign for a minute or two at a time. Every time I tried to move the element, the entire program freezes up.

      The solution appeared to be a complete, new installation of Windows 10 and Creative Suite. All from scratch. At least, it looked promising for a couple of weeks. This morning, it started again. Reboot of computer didn't help.

      Had exactly the same issue at home.


      Both affected PCs are Intel based (i7) systems with SSD HDD and they have have Nvidia graphics, though different models. 860 at home and 960 here at work.


      As InDesign is my main work tool, this is a serious problem. I'd be grateful for any tips, except maybe a new complete reinstall.... :-)


      Kind regards,


      Hasse Hellstrom

      Volvo Bil