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    Lightroom 5.6 Stops Importing



           I've been working with Lightroom 5.6 and lately I've been doing all of my work with this program. After a wedding gig I just had I went home and wanted to work on those photos.

      As usual I go to library and proceeded to import my photos, which are currently on my computer now, when I select the folder that my photos are in and hit "import" the center panel where the small previews of the photos are says "importing files" but it just stays like that and does nothing. Lightroom was importing at 0%. Usually it would just take a few seconds to pull all the photos I need in and I could just start working on them!


      Just some facts

      - working with raw files

      - after going to library > import > then selecting the photos usually the center panel with show small previews of the images but they're just gray boxes (that haven't been imported yet)