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    Importing AE project into Premiere Pro


      I'm fairly new to After Effects, so forgive me if the solution to this is horribly obvious.

      I'm having an issue importing an AE comp into Premiere Pro.


      I've created a banner type thing in AE with a gaussian blur adjustment layer. When exported as a mov. and imported into Premiere the gaussian effect does not apply to my footage in Premiere.


      So my question is how do I make the gaussian blur affect the footage in my timeline in Premiere Pro?

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          Zulkifar2 Level 1

          I don't understand.

          If you are trying to export an adjustment layer with the blur effect, to use in Premiere, that doesn't work, because you are applying a blur effect to nothing and the render result is nothing (it exports a movie, not an adjustment layer).

          Use a blur effect from the Effect library in Premiere instead. Or import your footage into After Effect (using the Dynamic Link for example: right click on the clip in Premiere and select 'replace with After Effect composition') and put that footage underneath the adjustment layer.

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            What the man said. Your workflow is completely illogical and makes no sense at all. Effects are programmatic functions/ code, not pixels and thus they only work in the environment that is able to process those instructions a.k.a. your host app via the respective plug-in infrastructure.