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    Lightroom6 keeps crashing, Installed light5 back, But I need photos that I worked with in Light6


      Hello there, I've got such problem...I was editing photos in "bugged lightroom 6" - that means not fully compatible with Windows 10. It is crashing all the time. I read how to solve this problem on forums. I manually rewrote the preferences file and it stopped for a while. So I started editing photos and now this is what happened. Lightroom kind of restarted itself - like reinstalling or I don't know, deleted all the presets, wanned to create new catalog and so on. So I ve created another catalog on another place on HDD. But when I start lightroom 6 again, It still crashes, I cant get to the edited photos, that werent even exported yet! I m thinking of reinstaling windows back to Win7, but I also read that it might not help at all. Soo I installed lightroom 5 again, but ALL I WANT is to get to the edited photos that I cant get with Lightroom 6 that keeps crashing. I have the catalog - the one that I was editing photos with. Is there any chance, to get my edited photos in Light 6, so I can open them and work with them in Light5? Thank you for your help I am desperate. Lot of work to do, but Light6 still crashing and I m so annoyed of theese crashes.