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    LR 6.2 and the Soft Proofing bug is not fixed!

    Kim Brun

      Just updated to Lightroom 6.2 hoping that the bug in the Soft Proofing feature would be fixed.  WRONG!

      Using a color chart test file, I measured the values in Lightroom 6.2 for the white square and the black square and Photoshop 6.

      Here are the values; Lightroom 6.2  White (180/179/181)  Photoshop 6 White (218/216/218)   Lightroom 6.2 Black (5/5/6)  Photoshop 6 (45/47/49)

      These are "As Shot" values and have not been adjusted in either program.  Again the question, why can't Adobe fix this bug?  I am a professional photographer using Adobe products since 1993.  I think Adobe has no idea what the professional needs anymore. Solution if they never correct this problem, the studio will not upgrade to Lightroom 6.  Lightroom 5.7.1 works just fine!!!