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    Lightroom 6 Issue - conflict with Windows 8?


      I downloaded the Trial version of Lightroom 6 from the Adobe website, and after using it successfully decided to purchase the Full version.  The Trial version worked perfectly with no issues at all.


      I purchased a software licence for the Full version, from PC World on Saturday and then downloaded the software from the Adobe website.


      The software appeared to download okay, but on starting Lightroom 6 I get a message saying that "Windows encountered a problem with Lightroom and needs to close"


      I have deleted the Trial version from my laptop.  I have installed, deleted and reinstalled the Full version SIX times now.


      I have spoken to PC World's technical support people who were unable to assist, but did advise me that "Adobe appear to be aware of this issue as there are lots of reports of this on the internet."


      I have spoken to Adobe's technical support people, who frankly do not appear to know what they are doing and are not interested.  However, I still have a software package which I have had no use from as yet because nobody appears to know how to resolve this issue!


      I am running Windows 8 on my laptop.

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Just so you know, a trial version is simply a full version waiting to be activated.  All you should need to have done was to activate the trial version you already had installed using the serial number from your purchase.


          While I do not know if it applies to your situation, you might try running the CS Cleaner Tool AFTER you uninstall whatever you have installed now and see if that helps clean things up for you to install successfully.


          Adobe Creative Suite Cleaner Tool

          helps resolve installation problems for CS3 thru CS6 and for Creative Cloud


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            steved50292683 Level 1

            Hi Ned,


            The reason I didn't just activate the Trial version as a Full version was because the only option for doing this that the Adobe website gave me was to download the Creative Cloud version and pay a monthly fee.  I do not want to pay a monthly fee as I do not want or need all the other stuff that comes with that.  Hence why I went out and purchased the Full version commercially.


            I will try the CS Cleaner tool that you have provided, but please forgive me if I sound sceptical about the potential success of this.  I have had such apallingley poor service from Adobe today that I am reluctant to trust anything the company says.  However, I will try it and if it works as you say I will let you know via the Forum.



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              steved50292683 Level 1

              Hi Ned,


              Well I followed the instructions you supplied and after downloading the CS Cleaner Tool, ran it, restarted my laptop and then reinstalled Lightroom 6.


              Unfortunately, there has been no improvement and I am still unable to use Lightroom 6.


              Unless this issue is resolved in the very near future I will be returning the software to PC World as unfit for purpose, and demanding a full refund.



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                Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

                Moving this discussion to the Photoshop Lightroom forum.