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    Custom Cursors

    Leegee3 Level 1
      Hey, just wanted to know how I can use custom cursors.

      I got an idea, and I know the cursors can only be 16x16 i believe.

      The code i think i should use is this...

      sprite(2).cursor = [12, 13] --sprite 2 being the sprite that makes the cursor change, and the 12 and 13 are the images to use for the cursor.

      I just dont know how to use the code, like, do i put it into a 'on rollover me' statement, saying that, i tried it and it never worked.

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          Level 7
          Use mouseEnter, mouseLeave, mouseDown... kind like this:

          on mouseEnter me
          cursor 280 -- gives a pointer-finger cursor

          on mouseDown me
          -- you could change the rollover member here if you want, otherwise
          -- mousedown doesn't do a whole lot.

          on mouseLeave me
          cursor -1 -- returns to your default cursor

          on mouseup
          go to the frame + 1 --do whatever you want here.
          cursor -1