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    Default mute with video

      I would like the mute button to default to the "on" or "mute" position when the video starts to play.
      Then the viewer would have to click the mute button to the "off" or "sound on" position to hear the sound.

      Can someone tell me if this is possible with Flash professional 8?

      If so, can you provide the action script to make it work and tell me where to locate the action script?

      Thanks for your assistance
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          Hi Boss,

          You can try
          video.volume = 0 -------- for Mute
          and video.volume = 100 -------- for 100% volume

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            thin3d Level 1

            Thanks for the tip, but where do I place this action script?

            Do I edit the skin of the player and put it there? If so where?

            Do I put it on the the first frame of my flash document containing the video? I put video.volume = 0 in this location and nothing happened.

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              pallav_theGreat Level 1
              Hi Brother,
              If you are using FLVPlayBack component ( instance name: video) in Flash 8, Then you can do mute by 2 ways:
              1. Select the FLVPlayBack component & in the property window, U can select the volume & write it's value to zero, then it's volume become zero by default.
              2 The component whose instance name is say video, then in the 1st frame u have to write video.volume = 0

              PALLAV SAMADDAR
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                This is an old topic, I see. But I have the same question as the OP.

                However, I'm not using the mute button component, I'm using the FLVPlayback component with a video.

                I tried movie.volume=0, but then the built-in mute button doesn't work. Any suggestions? THANKS!