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    Changing audio from stereo to mono i Elements 14!?

    LBR1998 Level 1

      Hi everyone! I've got a problem which I really need help with!


      I've just changed from Premiere Pro CC to Premiere Elements 14 and I'm using a Windows pc. 


      Due to a sound problem I would like to change audio from Stereo to Mono, because of a crackling sound problem on handheld devices when using RODE NTG-2 mic. (for more info on the mic problem check this video Audio Problems using a Rode NTG-2 condenser shotgun microphone. - YouTube). This problem is solved when changing the audio from stereo to mono in the editing, and I did this with sucess on Premiere Pro CC by hitting the shift+g and then changing it to mono - I followed it by reading this commentary (shown below) on a video concerning this problem...

      Audio Issue RØDE MIC.PNG



      Is there any possible way to do this on Premiere Elements 14!? I really need the help, as sound is very important for a video